Substance Abuse Help

Community Based Sobriety Group Participation

For many of our clients we assist in setting up participation in a sobriety fellowship group such as AA, N.A., or Smart Recovery. These groups help you examine, understand, and recover from your addiction through the guidance, support, and encouragement of others who are in recovery from addiction.  To fully engage and retain the material, a person should attend each meeting in its entirety and immediately look to obtain a sponsor. If the person is currently facing charges or in a family court dispute, we would ask that you track and obtain proof of attendance so we can provide it to the Court.

Treatment planning to support your recovery

Your treatment plan is the roadway to your recovery.  Bluebird Injury Law can help you establish and create a treatment plan that works for you. The development and regular review of your treatment plan will increase your chances of success.  If you would like to work with a therapist, we can help you find a therapist that will help you develop an alcohol and drug treatment plan that is very specific to your needs. It may include referrals to other treatment providers.

Depending on your specific needs, there may be referrals to other services to promote your success in your treatment program. Pending court cases may benefit by creating and saving records of all your treatment plans.

Your treatment plan will most likely change over time.  As you progress through your treatment program, your team will recommend changes to your plan so that it reflects your progress and continues to address current and future needs. Courts often appreciate these efforts.

Costs and Fees

Bluebird Injury Law is NOT a licensed provider for substance-abuse treatment. Bluebird Law is only passionate about helping those who require or are in need of such services. To this extent, Bluebird Law does not charge for passing information to individuals who are seeking services and treatment. Many of the employees at Bluebird Law have a history of working with drug courts or other treatment providers. To this end, Bluebird Law is committed to helping their clients find the right resources and have the right knowledge that it takes to beat these devastating addictions.

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